Wild Nature

I had learned that you only have to walk in a big wide-open place without open fences and the fences in your mind will begin to come down.

J. Moriarty

2019 Wild Coastal Immersive

August 23rd - August 25th 2019

Join Nature Connection Facilitators and Bushcraft Teachers Marc Barker and Shane Furlong for this wild Coastal Immersive.
Set up Camp with us on the edge of an ancient Hazel woodland and immerse yourself in a world of craft and foraging for two nights and three days this summer along the Wexford coastline. Where water meets Earth and the land meets the sea can be found some of the richest habitats on the planet. Walk the edge between two elemental worlds and discover the wild upwelling within you.

Guest Instructor — Darach Ó Murchú of Elements Outdoor Training & Adventures
Coastal Foraging Expert       Primitive Skills Enthusiast

The Journey

Arriving with the cloak of civilization draped around your shoulders, you will be gently caught by the meadows, hazel groves and gentle wild magnificence of Badgershill. As the you settle into the weekend and we begin to explore and discover how and why this place is, as the birds and the mammals and trees and the herbs begin to shed their cloaks of anonymity and you re-discover the joy of finding and making from your locality, you will discover new creatures,connections and skills and, with them, new areas of yourself that have lay dormant. We hope you will leave refreshed, wilder in your mind and heart and step back out into a richer inner and outer landscape.

How We Will Spend Our Time

Arriving on the Friday Evening there will be time to set up camp, settle in and shake off the road dust of your journey as you are met by the wild beauty of Badgershill. Our first night will be spent getting the lay of the land, familarisng ourselves with the smells, sights sounds and feel of this special pocket of lightly tended land and finishing the evening around the campfire.
On Saturday morning we will greet each other and share stories of the wild noises of the night, wake up and activate our bodies and beings before breakfasting together and getting on with the focus of the day. Setting off on a foraging wander we will gather materials for a wildcrafted basket and return to camp to immerse ourselves in to the alchemy of weaving.
Saturday evening will be have an open village feel, with the opportunity to take time out at camp, continue crafting for those who want to, explore firecraft around camp, wander and explore the land nearby or visit the homes of the badgers who give this place it’s name.
On Sunday, Coastal Foraging and Primitive Skills Teacher, Darach O Murchu will join us and there are two possibilities for the day;
— We may emerge blinking from the shelter of the woods into the open air and elemental presence of the Ocean, make our way to the South coast around Kilmore Quay and spend the day foraging for seaweed and wild coastal edibles, returning to camp for a wild feast;or
— We will bring the sea to us with a fish skin tanning workshop on the wooden deck of the cabins at Badgershill, skinning, scraping, hanging and preparing skins that can be turned into simple bags or other small projects.


A hot meal will be provided on the the night of arrival to nourish you after your journey.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sat and Sun.

You should bring food for Sat evening and you will be welcome to cook around the communal campfire. You should also bring any snacks you might need to keep your energy up during the day and something to tide yourself over for the onward journey on Sunday.


Cabin Package (2 spaces)   €267.50 euro includes course cabin accommodation and food*
Wild Camping Package   €214 includes wild camping space, food* and all materials as specified
Early Bird Package   €192.60 includes wild camping space and food* and all materials as specified